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NOTE: New Memories are added from time to time...

July 26: Bobby Russ
Day 3: Matthew Albright and I hung out last night and part of today. It was nice to be able to see him. I know Renee had wanted to see him and we were trying to find the best time to arrange it again. Matt and I shared stories and memories. Tonight, Heather Hall and Hall Alexandra Paige should arrive here so we can start the journey forward together.

This reminds me of a good memory... Renee had been mentioning that she had wanted to go camping. Matt ended up buying us a very nice tent which was nice and unexpected. It state in the truck or car off and on for a bit. However, Renee wanted to go camping with Heather and we ended up driving up by Chieflan. They cleared the area where the tent would be. Renee and Heather worked together to put the tent up while I talked with them and took pictures of it. Renee never backed away from a challenge and this was one. Back to the drawing board if that's what it took.

I remember fondly how we also went to the springs and Heather saw how deep the springs could go. Renee was fearless and treaded into the waters and encouraged us both to face our fears and enjoy the water. It was a great family moment filled with smiles, laughter, and also ... rain. LOL

Was it a perfect camping trip? Not at all. But the time we got together there was amazing. I'm glad that I got to share that both with Renee and our daughter Heather.

Christina Chrissy Mills Buckley
I totally love this, the pictures are great. I know you miss her so much, I still can't fathom the fact that she's gone and I won't see that beautiful face again.

Kim Furr
I love how happy they look. Renee teased me once because I said I was a horrible camper. I can pitch a tent, build a fire, cook on cast, but heaven help me I am never the first one in the water and am terrified to sit because of creepy crawlies. She said camp with her and she'd protect me. Somehow i got the idea it was more like would convince me to swim anyways.

Matthew Albright
I’m so glad you both got use out of the tent. Laura Lewis Albright and I had always hoped to be able to go camping with you and Renee Row. So many things we hoped to do and should have done with you both.

NOTE: New Memories are added from time to time...