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July 23: Bobby Russ
Day 1: It has been about 24 hours since I first found out the news of Renee Row's passing. I appreciate all of those who have posted in the one thread. It is a difficult time and it comes in waves. I barely slept last night and I just keep wanting her to walk through the door and complaing about me snoring too loudly. lol....

I set outside in the Lanai of our house thinking about when we first were looking for houses. I had compiled a list of places and eliminated those that didn't match what we wanted. We picked this house before we had seen it. Renee looked forward to viewing it and it matched our desires and needs greatly. I remember how excited she was.

When we put in the offer and the loan company started to give us problems. She worked hard with a new loan company to try to get this settled. She went on wifi internationally while we were on a cruise to get this taken care of. Together we made this place a home. She loved coming home and I remember her smile at being able to just relax out here where I sit now. I love you Renee and you truly made this house a home.

Eva Jeffery
I remember you guys were cruising with us when you were waiting for your house to go through 💙 look at your artworks you collected together & remember how excited she was and how proud she was of your home and new artworks to add to your memories. So sorry she was taken 💔 thinking of you 🌸

Matthew Albright
Man...I still do not know what to say. You are a stronger man than me. I know she loved and always doted on you and that house. A house is a house but you two made it a home.

Lisa Blankley Mouron
Yes she was so excited when you guys finally got the home. We talked about it a couple of times. Wonderful woman

Kim Furr
I remember when she first told me about y'all deciding on that one. I think she said you were still considering but she was so sure it was *the* one. She couldn't wait to show it off. When you guys closed my skype had tons and tons of pics then fb. We talked about how much better it was for hurricanes and teased me that I could stop worrying about y'all with every tropical storm that popped up. We started then making plans to try for us to come down. But first y'all were going on a cruise, then we were going to see my mom. And she was such a pillar of support for me through that mess. Pining me to remind me to log in to feed my chara. Popping up to offer hugs or a funny story. Still every chance we would talk about driving down. Especially during dinner up here. She was so proud of you and your home

Mariah Edwards
i remember that excitement ❤️ I will miss her more than anyone will ever know. It took me 20 years to find her again, ansd an instant to lose her. My thoughts and prayers are with you , Deb and the girls, she was one special lady!!!

NOTE: New Memories are added from time to time...