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NOTE: New Memories are added from time to time...

July 25: Bobby Russ
Day 2: Went to Renee Row's store to pick up the stuff from her store. It was a bit difficult to head by the crash scene and I broke down when I walked into the store. They have a beautiful set up at the enterance. Spoke with a couple of the managers there including their store manager as well.

Can't wait for Heather Hall and Hall Alexandra Paige to arrive so we can start the next phase of the process in the upcoming weeks.

Today I struggled through some things, but got to talk some good stories with some of her peers and with her employees. Loved the stories I heard. Today, i have one quick story to share.

We were driving to the place. My mom was teasing me about going too fast (which I was going 10 mpg under the speed limit). It reminded me of when Renee would ask me... You in a Hurry? Got a Hot Date. I'd tease her and say, "Yeah... you"

Sherry Lewellen So sorry to hear if your loss Bobby Russ. She was a ray of sunshine. I loved following your love story and watching it unfold online
She was really good at RP too. I was so excited for you when the two of you got to meet. It’s too soon for her to be gone 😢

NOTE: New Memories are added from time to time...